Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I really afford to own my own home even with my bruised or non-existent credit?

A: Absolutely, many of our member communities offer programs to help you obtain financing and own your own home in as few as 3 years.*

 Q: Why would I choose a manufactured housing community living over an apartment complex?

A: To start with, you have your own 4 walls with no noisy neighbors above or below you. Many manufactured homes have windows on all 4 sides allowing for better layouts. Your car is either in your own driveway or just outside the house, not down a few dozen stairs and on the other side of a parking lot.

 Q: What are some of the advantages to community living?

A: While every community is different they all offer great community events and many have other wonderful amenities. Events might include community garage sales, holiday events, community improvement and pride awards and cookouts. Amenities might include pools, playgrounds and large meeting spaces. Other features could include neighborhood watch programs and on-site managers.

 *Please note: All financing discussed on this page is subject to credit approval by the member communities lending institutions.